Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Wood you?

We had a good trip home, although we are not really happy to be back in Maine.  One of the "to do" things on our list was order a cord of wood.  We plan to leave after the holidays but it can get very cold here in late fall and early winter.  We don't want to be burning oil.  I called my good friend and former co-worker, Mr. Bond, and he delivered this the other day.
Actually, we have nearly a cord that was bought and stacked last year which we will move into the cellar to burn first.  This will be our backup pile and will be stacked outside to dry over the winter.  We don't really want to get into it this year as it has not been seasoned.

I have added a new item to my Etsy shop...
Have any tea lovers in your life?  Hope you can find time to stop in and visit.  I always appreciate your feedback and comments.  (the tea cup and saucer are not included)

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