Saturday, April 3, 2010

We can come home happy

Remember yesterday I told you that some people won't go to the shelter because it bothers them?  Well, last weekend, while we were at the Taste of Punta Gorda, my favorite dog, Tigre went to PetSmart for an off-site day.  Someone fell in love with him and followed him back to the shelter in order to take him home then and there.  YEAH!  That makes me very happy. 

On top of that, someone came to the shelter and fell in love with Bill's favorite, Sirus, a big, white bulldog.  Bill felt the same way about him, someone just needed to take him out and spend some time with him.  The shelter manager ran into Sirus' new owner in Walgreens and the guy is super happy, says Sirus is the best dog he ever owned.  

That's really no surprise to us;we knew they were great dogs all along and we are very happy that they have new homes!

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