Friday, April 2, 2010

Kiki's Doggie D-lites

I am continually thinking of ways to make a little money doing what I love...sewing and quilting and now...dogs.  I am working on some ideas to sell in my Etsy shop and made my first item tonight.  Yes, I actually drafted a pattern, cut it out and got it sewed together...all in one night.  Woo Hoo  If that's not a first, I don't know what is.

So, "What is it?", you ask.  It's a doggie bandana!  I'm not the first to make them but they are easy and they are inexpensive and fun.  This one measures 34" long and 10" wide at the widest part.  It fits nicely around Bill's 18" neck, which was the only way I knew to measure one. 
I looked at some bandanas this afternoon to see how they were made and quite frankly, mine are much nicer.  Those were one layer of fabric with the edge turned under and stitched.  It closed with velcro.  Mine is two sided and finished with a top stitch.  It ties rather than velcro; that way it can be made a little looser or tighter. Essentially, you get two different bandanas for the price of one.  I haven't decided on the price yet, still have to do some research.  I also have to make some different sizes.

I told Wendy that I was going to make one for each of the doggies at home but I'm taking this one with us tomorrow.  That will give me an opportunity to see which size dog it actually fits.  We are taking Misty Rose, a great new dog at the shelter, to Home Depot for some public exposure outside of the shelter atmosphere.  There are many people that just can't bring themselves to the shelter, they get too sad and depressed.  This way, the dog is out there and you never know when the right person will walk by and fall in love with their new best friend.

If you can think of a catchy name for these little items, let me know.  I'm open to suggestions (but they have to be nice).

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  1. Good idea :) I'm trying to come up with a catchy name, but I'm coming up blank. Nothing rhymes with bandana, and it doesn't have any synonyms.

    You should market them for kids and expand the size of your customer base! Ella still wears bibs because she drools so much, but they don't look very stylish. You could call them be big-kid bibs :)

  2. Greg, that's a great idea! Ella will get the first "Big Kid Bib". ;o) xoxoxo

  3. Those are GREAT Mom!! So much nicer than any other ones I've ever seen.
    Greg you crack me up :)

  4. That sounds pretty good. Nice job!