Friday, January 15, 2016

Nasty Weather

I am NOT a fan of strong/severe weather warnings down here!  While I feel quite comfortable handling the crappy weather we might get in Maine...heavy rain, high winds, blizzard conditions...I find it very unsettling while we are in FL.  First of all, I'm in my own element, with my own things in Maine and I've grown accustomed to what the weather will bring.  Here, it's another story.  We aren't in our own place, we don't know anyone if anything happens and we have no where to go in the event of an emergency.  We generally get a lot of advance warning for severe conditions in Maine but this whole tornado stuff only gives one a few minutes warning!  On top of that, we are renting a manufactured home ;o(

They started issuing strong weather warnings LAST NIGHT!  Ugh!  It was pouring rain when we got up this morning, slowed a little when I took Titan out to pee, then really picked up with lots of wind.  Punta Gorda received 4.47 inches of rain!  Thankfully, our area did not received a tornado watch but areas to the south of us did...for the second time in two weeks! Each time, a tornado did touch down, one an EF2 and the one today an EF1.  No.Thank.You!  Today there was a slight chance of severe weather, less than 5% and there was a tornado.  They are already talking about another storm on Sunday with a low chance of severe weather, less than 15%.  Good grief!

What do they suggest you do?  First, go to the lowest place in your home.  None of the homes in FL have cellars, so we are already in the lowest place.  Second, go into a bathroom with no windows.  Check, we have one of those.  Third, get into the tub.  Seriously?  Bill, me and Titan in the tub?  I don't see that happening; we would be lucky to all fit in the tiny bathroom, which we would definitely do.  Lastly, cover yourself with a mattress.  HA!  There is No way we could fit a double bed mattress in this bathroom.  Of course, I would need to have all the electronic equipment, purse, important personal information, some food and a chance of clothes for when I!

We made the decision that if there is a weather warning, we will not leave Titan home alone, we will all wait it out together.  We were out to dinner last week when there was a tornado about 30 miles south of us.  I cannot imagine how frightened Titan would be if he were home alone and anything happened.

Well, I'm keeping positive thoughts that our area will not be in the blinking yellow/red boxes on Sunday.

The water table is so close to the surface down here, when there is heavy rain, there is also flooding. 
Our house is raised off the ground so we don't need to worry, but the water in the canal was as high as we have seen it in the three years we have been here.  It turned out to be a beautiful afternoon but by 3:00 the water was over the dock on the far side of the canal.

By 5:00 the water was over our dock.
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