Wednesday, January 6, 2016

A WOD in the Park

Thankfully, Wendy & Dan convinced us to sign up for a 2 week free trial at their gym when we returned home from Florida last spring.  We are in love with The Brickhouse Gym and Hot Yoga Studio!  Since we are away for the winter, we are missing our gym family and the daily WOD's that kick our butts.  However, we are able to continue to pay a small monthly fee in order to access the Wodify app, which gives us the ability to see the daily WOD's.  YAY!

We won't be able to follow them faithfully because the gym here doesn't have the same equipment and they don't allow you to bring in any equipment.  No problem, we can modify them to suit our needs and we also have access to the web, where we can find thousands of "traveling WOD's".  We worked out in an area along the Linear Park Pathway near Fisherman's Village that has been outfitted with several different pieces of exercise equipment.
We won't use all of these pieces but we can use some of them for warming up, stretching, rack rows, narrow grip push-ups and step-ups.  

Since we haven't been to the gym in over a week, we decided to start with a fairly easy WOD that Bill created using one of the traveling WOD sites:

   10 rounds:
      6 push-ups
      6 McGill crunches
      6 step-ups
      6 air squats
   Cash out:
      Tabata planks

Of course, as soon as we started everyone in town came to "workout".  It felt good to move and we both worked up a sweat.
We can use this section to do toes-to-bar and pull-ups using the new bands Bill bought.  The "grass" is like astro turf and is cushioned so we should be able to jog on it!  We brought along towels today to protect our skin but we might invest in yoga mats.  We'll see how it goes.

Hopefully, we will fit right back in with our 5:30 peeps when we return to our favorite gym in the spring!

Thanks for stopping by.

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