Tuesday, January 6, 2015

The Harborwalk Revisited

After walking Titan this morning, we decided to walk the Harborwalk this afternoon, without him.

We started at Fisherman's Village.  The last couple of years there were some areas along a newer section of the walk that were covered in "fake" grass and we wondered about their purpose.  We found new exercise equipment in the one closest to where we parked. 
It's kind of like playground equipment for adults.  It appears you can do a quick full body workout on these machines.  I told Bill to try one of them so I could take a picture.
Go Bill!
He got going and I took the photo, but I didn't tell him I was done so he just kept going and going.  He finally looked over and asked if I "got it".  Hahaha, yeah, I got it, a while ago.

We walked from FV to the hospital and back, a total of 5.75 miles, in just under 2 hours.  Last year a section of the walk was closed due to construction so we were anxious to see what had been done.  They cleared a lot of brush and completed this new area, which is open to the river.
The entire project has something to do with flood mitigation.  I think I read something last year about the company doing the work getting into trouble for removing too many mangroves.  Based on this, they removed A LOT.  I think this is actually kind of cool and it allows people to walk right to the river.  

They also did work on the other side of the walk, although it's not quite as picturesque.
There is a sign advising of alligators so we kept our distance.

As we approached the pier located at the end of the walk near the hospital, we were met by Mamie, whose owner was fishing.
I asked if she was the guard dog and he laughed, saying he just hoped she could complete the walk back to the car, which I think was parked at the end of the ramp to the pier.  Mamie is a 14 year old Corgi/Alaskan Husky or Eskimo Dog mix.  I wouldn't say she actually greeted us but she did eventually get up and waddle over for a quick sniff and a scratch around the ears.
Mamie was one of the 19 or 20 dogs we saw on our walk, which is the reason Titan doesn't walk this with us.

We said farewell to Mamie and wished her owner good luck, then returned to the car, each of us wondering during the remaining hour, whose bright idea it was to walk the Harborwalk this early in our winter, before we really got our walking muscles tuned up.

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  1. that looks really nice! i can't wait to see it!

  2. We look forward to sharing it with you!

  3. That exercise area is so cool!