Saturday, January 24, 2015

Thank You Greg

One of our Christmas gifts was a gift card to The Ice House Pub in Punta Gorda.  We love this place and after three weeks, decided it was time for a visit.

We got there early, before 5:30, and were the third ones on the waiting list.  We don't mind since it gives us time to play darts.
One of us got very lucky with a come from behind win but I won't mention any names.
Bill ordered the cheeseburger with cheddar and bacon

and I had the fish and chips
Both meals were delicious!  We also got lucky and scored our favorite waitress, Valeria.

We have been seated at this same table in the past and there are two of these creepy photos, a bride and groom.  When you view it from the front, it looks like this...
but when you view it from the side, it looks like this...
Creepy, right?

Thank you Greg, your gift was very thoughtful and appreciated and we have enough left on the card to go again.
Thanks for stopping by...

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