Saturday, February 11, 2012


I am not what one would call a wine connoisseur.  In fact, I never drank ANY wine before somewhere around 2000, when one of my co-workers introduced me to White Zinfandel.  That's the wine that doesn't taste like wine and a real wine drinker would never let it touch their lips.  I.Liked.It!  It was sweet and that's what made it a winner in my book.  After that, it was WZ for me, no matter what was offered or available. 

Somewhere along the line, it was suggested by someone (was it you?) that I try a Riesling.  I.Liked.It!  Riesling is "a white wine that ranges from dry to very sweet and is made from a single variety of grape originally grown in Germany".  Now I have two different options.  

Generally, when I buy Riesling, I buy Schmitt Sohne, for two very good reasons.  I can hear you asking yourself, "And what would those two reasons be?"  First of all, price!  I have the reputation of being very cheap frugal when it comes to spending money and SS is relatively inexpensive.  The second comes in a really pretty blue bottle.  Is there any better reason to purchase a wine?  I think not!

Yesterday, thanks to Groupon, Bill and I went to a new-to-us place in Punta Gorda called Closer to the Vine.  It's a nice little wine bar/coffee shop that serves lunch, has wine tasting events and serves some appetizers in the evening.  I got a $20 coupon for $10 before we left Maine.  Since the lunches ran $6 - $9, I figured a glass of wine was in order.  After all...It's.A.Wine.Bar.  There were two kinds of Riesling and I chose the one with a little effervescence (bubbles, kind of like champagne).  I.Liked.It!  In fact, I liked it so much, I bought a bottle to bring home since it fit my criteria - sweet and only $11.
This is a damn nice photo, is it not?
You can probably read for yourself, it's called Frisk and the label says "Prickly Riesling".  I guess the prickly really means bubbley.  Anyway, I highly recommend it (Lori).
Unfortunately, it comes in a boring green bottle.  On the "up" side, it's a screw top ;o)

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