Monday, February 6, 2012

Goodbye Knox, R.I.P.

Christmas Day 2011
Let me explain a little about Knox.  I love blogs; I am subscribed to about 60 of them.  In the beginning, they were all about quilts and quilting.  Then, I retired; then, I volunteered a lot of hours at the Animal Welfare League in Pt. Charlotte, FL and worked with a lot of pit bull type dogs.  I had been introduced to the breed by Dan, my daughter's husband (as of 9/23/11) and had learned that they aren't anything, ANYTHING, like they are portrayed by the media.  I fell in love with them.

Long story short, I started replacing my quilting blogs with blogs about pit bulls and doggie foster families.  One blog leads to another and another and another.  Through one of these blogs, Pittiful Love, I came to know Knox.

I learned that he was very loved by his people, Jessica and Brian
that he was a doggie blood donor
a breed ambassador and a great foster brother.
Knox and Buddha
Sadly, Knox became very ill, very quickly shortly after Christmas and last week his people made the extremely difficult decision to release him from his suffering.  So, holding him in their hands, they wished him a safe trip over the Rainbow Bridge.

Each of us welcomes an animal into our homes and hearts, knowing that we will receive unconditional love, along with laughs and adventure.  We also know, that the end will come too soon and we will have to say "good-bye" before we are ready.  If you are inclined, please stop by Pittiful Love's Facebook page and leave them a note, letting them know that you share their grief and sadness and offering them words of support as they work their way through this difficult time.
2009 - 2012
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ps...these photos are from the Pittiful Love blog. 

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