Saturday, January 7, 2012

Safe Travels

As reported earlier, we have made our trip south for the third year.  We even bought a roof top carrier in order for Bill to see out the back window.   I'm happy to report that the three days on the road were mostly uneventful, with the exception of snow in VA.  We enjoyed using Bill's smart phone to keep track of the snow so we weren't surprised.  We did hear from Bill's sister-in-law reporting a five car collision, which was apparently behind us, thankfully.  

Titan was a great backseat passenger and began the trip very alert and making sure that Bill was heading in the right direction.
Left turn ahead, then a right turn.  Stop sign...STOP SIGN!!!
It didn't take long for him to curl into a ball and settle into a nap.
I love riding in the car. zzzzzzzzzzz
Our first overnight in VA was nice and quiet; however, Titan didn't do very well the second night.  We stayed in a nice motel with inside entrances along a corridor.  This establishment did not have any restrictions on pets (such as weight or breed) and did not charge an additional pet fee (which can be as much as $25) so there were a lot of other dogs.  Anyone who knows Titan knows, he's not a big fan of other dogs.  Walking him was always an adventure and he spent the entire night "on alert" pacing, parking himself in front of the door just waiting for someone or something to pass by so he could warn us.  We finally put a footstool and a chair in front of the door to keep him away.  Thankfully there wasn't an emergency; we would have killed ourselves trying to get past the chair and over the darn footstool in order to get out the door.  He was extremely vocal and we worried that we would be kicked out if anyone complained.  It was a very long night and we have made the decision that we must stay in a place that has outside entrances.  We will pay a little more if it means a few less dogs.

We are very happy to be here, settled in and enjoying beautiful weather.

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