Sunday, March 28, 2010

Leishley Park

I thought I would create some posts about our favorite places.  Yesterday we spent the morning, as representatives of the shelter, at the Taste of Punta Gorda at Leishley Park.  I have blogged about the park previously but  have not shared the monument/sculpture titled Spirit of Punta Gorda.  This monument was dedicated in 2004 as a testiment to the strong people of Punta Gorda after Hurricane Charley. 

The phases of the moon section of the monument.

Prior to the hurricane, this park was here but other than a gazebo at the other end, the park was nothing more than an open space.  Since the hurricane, the park is home to a playground with a dancing waters fountain, a very nice restroom facility, a walking path that has many benches along the way, numerous "doggie poop bag" dispersers (this town is very dog friendly), the monument and a stage.  The path continues behind some new condos along the river to a fishing pier.  The Laishley Crab House is also here, overlooking a marina on the harbor.

Bill and I walk from Fishermen's Village, along the river, under the Rt. 41 bridges, to a bench near the monument (about 35 minutes; 2 miles) where we sit and relax for a few minutes before returning to FV and a well deserved coffee.  We took this walk with David and Paula during their visit.

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