Friday, March 26, 2010

For your consideration

Most of the people reading this know that we have become very involved with the local animal shelter.  We had started volunteering in Kennebunk before we moved to FL for the winter; however, between our schedules we didn't have a lot of time to spend there.  Since we have been in FL we have all the time in the world to spend at the shelter and we visit nearly every day, each spending time with our favorites but giving love and affection to all of them.

Due to the recent downturn in the economy, many more pets are ending up in local shelters.  Many are brought in by families that can no longer afford to keep them or have to move and cannot have a pet in the new location.  Many others are picked up as strays.  I have my own ideas on the "stray" pet problem.  Most of the strays arrive at the shelter in pretty good shape and obviously haven't been "homeless" for very long.  I believe that owners turn their pets loose, or dump them along the road because they are too embarrassed or nervous to bring them to the shelter.  Shame On Them!!  Whatever reason the pets end up at the shelter, they are taken care of by caring and devoted employees and volunteers.

Shelters provide bedding for their pets and many shelters provide beds.  However, because of the large number of incoming pets, there aren't enough beds to go around.  The Kuranda company of Annapolis, MD has a program where people buy beds and have them sent directly to any of hundreds of shelters.  The cost for a donated bed is discounted 30% off the regular price.

Can you donate a bed for a shelter pet?  If that's not something that interests you, and I understand that it doesn't interest everyone, can you tell friends or family that might be interested about the program?  It's easy.

Go to Kuranda's web site and click on "Donate a Bed".  You can choose from dozens of shelters, sorted alphabetically and also searchable by state.  When you've closed your shelter, the site will display what kind of beds the shelter has requested.  Buy a bed and the company will send it to the shelter of your choice.

There are other ways to help your local shelter...they can always use monetary donations but they can also use donations of old towels or bedding, collars, leashes or pet treats and toys.  Check out their web site where you can find "wish lists" of things that they need from pet food, cat litter even office supplies.  You would be surprised just how much your local shelter needs.

If you have gotten this far, I appreciate your reading my pitch for local animal shelters.

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