Sunday, March 5, 2017

Three Cheers for Spring Training

Except for the wind, it was a beautiful day for a ball game.  The Red Sox played the Atlanta Braves, although I don't really care who the other team is.
We had standing room only tickets under the Green Monster deck.  We find these perfectly satisfactory for us, mostly because we are in the shade.  We have sat in a couple of different sections and it is blazing hot in the sun...we like the shade.  ;o)
We found the perfect spot right along the third base line.  There was a little railing to lean on and no one in front of us.  We just have to remember to get to the park early enough to get this spot next time.

The winds were blowing about 20 mph so I didn't dare rest my beer on the railing so I could eat my popcorn.  Bill came up with this clever idea...
hands free popcorn holder
We left at the end of the 8th inning, Sox were ahead 11-1.

While there, we smelled smoke, watched several fire trucks racing down the highway and eventually could see the smoke from a brush fire that started in the Picayune Strand State Forest.  
**By Wednesday, it will have grown to 8600 acres, destroyed two homes, caused the closing of a portion of I75 and the evacuation of several RV parks.
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