Thursday, January 19, 2017

6 Mile Cypress Slough Preserve

First of all, it's pronounced "slew".  We have had this place on our list to visit for a few years.  It's reminiscent of Corkscrew Swamp but a lot closer and smaller and the admission is only $1.00/hour to park  It's virtually in the midst of Ft. Myers, a nice place to enjoy some quiet nature.

The "Slew" is over 3500 acres of wetland preserve.  There is a 1.2 mile long boardwalk which intersects four lakes/ponds.  During "season" there are two guided walks daily, which we weren't aware of.
Peeking between the fence rails
The boardwalk begins by going through this cypress forest, which looks like someone planted all these in rows.  It's winter so there are no leaves.  I think they look like teepees.
 This airplant is blooming.
First up was Gator Lake.
And right on cue, this guy showed up, probably around 6 feet long.
There were a couple of floats in the lake where birds and turtles liked to sun themselves.
Female Anhinga
Turtle, Herons (not sure what kind), Anhinga, Egret
This guy flew across the lake and landed right in front of us.  I tried to get a photo but it was too blurry.
Great Blue Heron
There were benches along the boardwalk and each one had a plaque.  I really liked the sentiment on this one.

The lake also had these awesome fish.  They look like they have oriental writing along their spine.  Bill guesses they were 10-12 inches.
Even though it hasn't rained much at all since November, the ferns were still green.
There was still water near Wood Duck Pond.
We agreed we have never seen an Ibis in a tree.  They are always on the ground eating bugs.
We counted ten turtles sunning themselves.
Pretty sure this is a Black Crowned Night Heron,
and a Flicker.
We watched a Pileated Woodpecker for several minutes; I think they are my favorite.

We spotted several of these bird houses, for owls maybe...or ducks
Otter Pond...

Pop Ash Pond...
Pop Ash Pond actually dries up during the dry season but provides great hunting for the wading birds as the size of the pond gets smaller and the fish get stranded.

This preserve is prettier than it appears in the pictures with lots of wildlife and vegetation.

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