Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Acadia Mtn. and Sommes Sound

Tuesday, September 22, 2015
52* and cloudy when we got up at 7:30.  The four of us agreed to hike Acadia Mountain, on the "quiet" side of the island. 
Bill and I have never climbed this peak but Wendy and Dan highly recommended it, so we were looking forward to something new. 

The climb isn't very long; however, there were several steep, rocky sections to conquer.
The summit is only 681 feet and the hike took 2.5 hours round trip.  
Although it was cloudy, the view of Sommes Sound was awesome.
From here, we traveled a little farther to the second summit, which provided even better views of the Sound.  Acadia Mountain was originally called Robinson Mountain but was renamed under the leadership of George B. Dorr, the first park superintendent in the early 1900's.
Even though the temperature only reached the mid 60's, we still worked up a sweat. 
We sat for awhile and enjoyed the view.  Wendy spotted a couple of bald eagles, which was pretty cool.  We will have to climb this again on a sunny day, the view would really be spectacular.

Oddly, the hike down was just as steep as the hike up!  Bill and I aren't any faster going down either but Wendy and Dan are very good sports.

We drove a short distance to Eagle Lake, where we sat on a dock near the water's edge and had lunch.

panorama view
From here we could pick up the Beech Cliffs Ladder Trail, which we talked about hiking but decided against it.  Wendy and Dan wanted to do some shopping, which was okay with us.  One hike a day is about our limit anyway.

We dropped them off at Edgewater and grabbed our books for some reading at Sand Pond.  It was windy and cool so we didn't last long there but found another place along the rocks where we read and napped for an hour or so.  We went to JPH for our usual but were disappointed in the popovers once again.  

We went into town and bought a couple of riding/hiking books for Wendy and Dan's anniversary (tomorrow).  Bar Harbor isn't very big and guess who we ran into...  Well, not technically but we did come across one another and they gave us a couple of dog treats shaped like squirrels they had purchased for Titan!  

Did some packing when we got back to our cottage because we have to head home tomorrow ;o(  
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