Saturday, April 4, 2015

Happy Birthday Piglet

HA!  How does one get the nickname Piglet?  Well, when Wendy was a baby she had fat little legs, which we referred to as pork chop legs, and that eventually became Piglet.  I doubt many people know that is her nickname and I don't embarrass her by using it in public but it's very sentimental to me.  Today she is celebrating her 35th birthday.  How is that possible?  Yesterday your child is a newborn and today she is celebrating 35 years.  It's incredible and so is she!
She has a Master's Degree in Occupational Therapy and works per diem for numerous rehab centers. 

This year she will be celebrating four years of marriage with her handsome husband, Dan.
He's a diehard Yankees fan but we love him in spite of it.

 She is a great doggie mama, taking excellent care of her "baby" Ginger.

We LOVE those ears!
She is an entrepreneur,  starting her own pure and natural bath and body products business, which recently celebrated it's first anniversary.  You can read my post about that adventure here.
She is a fantastic and caring Auntie Wendy to beautiful Ella.
Wendy, Ella and Eddie, the skiing snowman

She is a thoughtful and loving granddaughter to her 90+ year old grandmother, Bee (her namesake).
Thanksgiving 2013
She is all that and so much more...she is an active CrossFit member, a paleo cook, a Red Sox and Patriots fan.  She is smart, funny, very creative, fashionable, honest, compassionate, sensitive and above all...she is not only my daughter but also my friend.
Mother's Day, Wells, ME 2014
Jet Blue Park, FL, 2015
Happy 35th Birthday Wendy Bee.  I love you tons!!!

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  1. Very sweet Mom! Thank you! And thanks for not calling me Piglet in public 😉 Love you too!! ❤️