Saturday, February 7, 2015

Marie Selby Botanical Gardens...Succulents

I never thought succulents and Florida would make any sense in the same sentence.  I guess I was wrong.  The gardens have a very nice section of succulents, including one that we have in the yard!  I think this is so cool but had no idea what it was called.
One of several we have in our yard.
The one at the Gardens
So, now I know what it is.  When I first saw this sign, I shouted out "oh, it's a Kalanchoe tubiflora!" and Deb was very impressed that not only did I know the name, I knew the Latin name.  I had to tell her that I only knew it because I read the sign.  hahaha

I don't know what the rest of these are called but I liked them.

This one kind of looks like a big beetle.
This was a fairly small section of the Gardens but it was a nice size and had quite a few specimens.

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