Thursday, December 25, 2014

A Very Merry Christmas

It was a great holiday!  The weather was warm enough (in the 40's) to walk the dog without ALL of our winter clothes.  I really LOVE warm weather in December!
Dinner was planned for 5:00, which allowed us to get ready in a relaxed manner.  Both of Bill's sons arrived early enough for them to have some time together to visit and catch up.
Kris, Scott & Bill
The three of them don't get together very often and I know it meant a lot to Bill to have both of them here, which made me happy as well.

Wendy and Dan arrived a little later, while Greg and Ella arrived around 5:30, just in time to have dinner with the rest of us.

Kris and Scott stayed for a little while after dinner, before heading home with some leftovers (thankfully).  

The rest of the evening was spent in a whirling dervish of opening gifts.  Ella even brought some gifts for Titan...a rawhide candy cane and a rope/ball tug toy, which he loved.
Loving my new toy!
Everyone was a good sport for the family photo, even Titan!
A new photo tradition is born
I enjoyed reading some books to Ella before bed, including one of my favorites..."Rosebud and Red Flannel".

Greg and Ella stayed until mid afternoon the next day, before heading to Wendy's.  We all went for a walk with Titan and played a bunch of games.  Ella and Titan became new best friends.
BFF' friend forever and best furry friend
Ella was even receptive to having her picture taken with Bill and me.
She's getting so big and mature.  She does admit that she isn't a very good loser when it comes to games.  Apparently, she takes after her grandmother.

Such a nice holiday, now it's time to pack and head south.

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