Thursday, July 24, 2014

A Perfect Pickin' Day

Blueberry pickin, that is.  After two days of hot, humid weather, today was much cooler and a lot less humid.  The blueberry fields opened on Monday, which makes this the earliest I have ever picked blueberries.  Hopefully I will be able to go again before we go to camp.
The bushes were full and the pickin' was easy.  I fashioned a carrier for my bucket by using a dog leash, slinging it over one shoulder and fastening it under the bucket handle.  Two hand pickin' made filling my bucket a lot easier. 

In less than an hour I picked over 4 pounds of blueberries, to the tune of $10.50.
I actually put a jelly roll pan of them in the freezer already, knowing we wouldn't eat them all before they started to go bad.  I usually wait too long before freezing them and end up throwing too many away.  This way they were frozen within a couple of hours of being picked and there are still plenty to eat.
Blueberries have to be one of the easiest fruits to freeze! AND, tomorrow I will have fresh berries on my cereal.  (A cup of blueberries only has 84 calories...yay.)

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