Thursday, February 20, 2014

Gallery Walk

On the third Thursday of every month, The Punta Gorda Downtown Merchants Association, Inc. sponsors the Gallery Walk.  It runs from 5 - 8pm, although I thought it ended at 7...duh!  Anyway, it was a spectacular evening, temp near 80, when we headed downtown.  We parked in the garage, which was nearly full and we were on the 4th floor, very unusual.  

We started at Landmark Realty, which not only has been handling the rental of my condo since I purchased it in 2004 but also handles the properties we have been renting for the past four years.  They have the best alcoholic beverages!  Tonight's was some sort of tropical punch ;o)  Most of the vendors offer white or red wine and I'm such a wine connoisseur (try finding that in the dictionary when you have no idea how it's spelled!) that neither of those appeal to me.

Business that participate have a pair of sandals painted on the sidewalk in front of their establishment.
There are art galleries, retail shops, real estate companies and cafes.  Many of the businesses have some sort of musical entertainment, along with snacks and beverages.  New this year was the roving musical group.
They drove around in circles. playing and singing, for three hours.

There is a vacant lot that houses a Vintage Automobile Exhibit.  I found the hood ornaments of special interest.
She reminds me of the bowsprit on a ship but was sitting on this great car "The Blue Moon".
Kind of a futuristic ornament on this beautiful red Buick.
Loved this ram's head! I think it would look good on my RAV.
Another one that was very cool, on a gorgeous Excaliber.
It's for sale and I suggested we would look pretty darn good riding home in it.  However, this is more like what we would be driving...
Lastly, there was a wonderful Indian motorcycle.
There was even a shout out to working out and being fit.
These CrossFit people are EVERYWHERE!

We stopped at the Mom & Pop Pet Shop to say "hi" and see their latest baby birds.  They have done a great job at finding a niche for themselves as they don't just sell dog and cat stuff but they are extremely knowledgeable about birds and only sell ones that have been hand raised.  They even offer "bird sitting" services for people going away on vacation...kind of like a kennel.  They could almost make anyone want to have a bird.

We zipped through the antique shop because it was really hot and we were both sweating, a lot.

Bill waited outside while I checked out the consignment shop.  Nothing in there for me.  I'm about inexpensive low cost cheap used clothes and these were not cheap...$18, $23, $32 and so on.  I will admit, many of them were top of the line clothes, like Chicos and many of them were half price.  Even so, too much for me to spend on someone else's recycled clothing.

Looking forward to next month's alcoholic beverage.

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