Thursday, November 28, 2013

A Day to Give Thanks

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.  We had a marvelous time once again at David and Paula's with 16 grateful souls around the dinner table.  They ranged in age from Ella, 5 years to Grandma Bea,  92 years.

I have been taking pictures of the four Wehmeyer kids since they were babies and today was no exception.  However, this year Ella was included ;o) she is, after all, a Wehmeyer!
Wendy, Greg, Keith, Ella
and since Michael doesn't always make it home for the holiday, someone developed a "stand- in" for him several years ago. 
Keith, "Michael", Greg, Vanessa, Wendy, Dan
Keith and his mom, Paula
David (now I know where Michael gets it)
Wendy and Dan
Greg and Vanessa

Bill and me
Ella and Kiki
Grandma Bea and her namesake Wendy Bee
Three generations...Grandma Bea (92), Wendy Bee (33), Ella (5)
How can I not be thankful when I see all of these beautiful, healthy, happy faces.
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