Saturday, February 16, 2013

David and Paula came to visit!

They were in Tampa for Paula's work and dropped down to see us for a quick visit.  Now that David is retired, he can tag along when Paula travels.  Lucky ;o)  

They arrived around noon on Saturday and we headed to Cubby's for lunch.  Paula and I enjoyed the spinach wrap, Bill had a turkey/bacon wrap and David had a salad.  The boys couldn't resist some Cubby's Homemade Ice Cream. 

We returned to the house, where Paula took a little nap while I sat outside with the dog.  Bill and David went to visit the Muscle Car Museum, which they both seemed to enjoy.  It's an old Wal-Mart that is filled with classic cars, a "gift" shop and a diner themed cafe.  They would have liked to drive home in a nice classic of their own but between them I don't think they could afford a down payment.

We spent the evening at the Ice House Pub, one of our all-time favorites venues.  The place was packed and we were advised it would be a 90 minute wait; however, we could pass the time playing darts.  WooHoo!!!  We grabbed drinks (thank you Paula) and off we went to the dart room.
The Awesome Foursome
The Lefty takes aim

Not to be outdone by his partner
The ladies took the first game and were ahead in the second game when we were called to our table, after only 45 minutes.
Good looking winners!!!
I ordered the bangers and mash (English sausages and mashed potatoes) and everyone else ordered cheeseburgers.  I was disappointed that my meal was on the cool side, rather than hot AND they no longer carried the cider I loved when Bill and I went last month...Blackberry/Pear Cider.  Bummer!! 

After dinner, we returned to the dart boards for a few more games.  Being the good sports we are, we didn't feel badly when the boys won...
You ladies aren't the only winners ;o)
 Things didn't always go as planned.
Oops, that's not where I was aiming.
The next game came down to who could finish the Bullseye first and, drum roll please, the girls won again...
That's how it's done!
The final game went to the boys...
Victory to the men

Get down with your bad selves
Not only did we play darts but there was a band playing some oldies, as well as current hits.  We all agreed they were pretty good and not so loud that you couldn't hear yourself think.
Good enough that Bill was moved to do some pole dancing.
Me and my pole.
We had a great time with great company and were still home by 9:30.  We are looking forward to our next visit when Wendy arrives in March.

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