Sunday, May 15, 2011

Yard Work

Although Sir Titan has an underground electric fence that keeps him safely in the yard, it does not keep other dogs or wild animals from coming into the yard.  It also does not allow him to have friends over for a romping good time.  Alas, Sir Titan has not had any doggie friends to play with since Christmas.  We feel that it is important for his well being to be around other dogs and have "play dates".  Sooo, what's a family to do?  We decided to fence in part of the back yard, which requires some big time yard work.

We contacted a former co-worker of mine that has all the big toys needed to get the job started.  It was a three day project but we are well on our way to a nice, big play yard for Sir Titan and his friends.

4.1.11...Lots of brush needed to be cleared

5.8.11...Bill had cut some of the brush by hand
5.11.11...Some of the trees are down, this one is on the list
5.11.11...A nice load of lumber
5.12.11...Removing another stump
5.13.11 @ 7:35 am...Fire showing, note the pile on the left
5.13.11 @ 8:23 am...adding fuel to the fire from the other pile
Scott, Barb and their two boys came over to watch the excavator and cook hotdogs over the fire for lunch.  They even found time to help Harold move some of the brush.
Cole is a good helper
So is his big brother, Trevor
5.13.11 @ 3:33 pm...after the fire

The fire smoldered well into the night before Mr. Bill put water to it (only after he played with the excavator a little). 

Next step is having an estimate from the fence company and maybe some loam and grass seed.  Unfortunately, after rain all day, it's just a bunch of nice, wet dirt (otherwise known as mud)!

We think Mr. Titan will enjoy a new fence, a big play yard and doggie friends over on a play date.

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