Sunday, May 17, 2015

First Bike Ride of 2015

So far, the weather since we returned home has nice day, three crappy sunny day, four cloudy warm day, several chilly days.  Thankfully, today was sunny and fairly warm.  Although I had been sick with allergies or a cold, couldn't decide which, for the past few days, today I felt good and we packed up the bikes for a nice, spring ride.

My favorite ride is the one to Bug Light.  It's relatively short and flat and the park at the end is awesome.  We left Wainwright Fields around 1:00, with a temp of 69* and mostly sunny.  We quickly came upon this field of dreams, daisies, dandelions!
Not sure what sporting event was taking place, but there was a lot of activity.
We travel past several nice gardens and most of the trees were in bloom.
Apple blossoms
Trees covered in blossoms and a beautiful, cloudless sky with nothing more than a couple of contrails...perfect!

Our destination, Bug Light park, has become one of my favorite places!
How can you not love this place?  We usually stop long enough to take some pictures, have a snack and just enjoy the moment.

We pass this section of track, which is soon to become some kind of historical "landmark" but it's looked like this for awhile now.
We stopped along the trail and took a picture next to some of the bushes that grow wild because I wanted to compare their size this time of year to their size later in the summer.  
Quite an outfit...
(However, the next time we rode by, the bushes had been completely cut down!)

We will ride this a few more times before the snow flies.

Thanks for stopping by...